Gryphon Pledge to Community HealtH

As Gryphons we have an important role to play in keeping our community safe in doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. We have a shared responsibility to keep our fellow students, staff, faculty, teammates, and community members safe and healthy.

This pledge is our call to action to recognize our shared responsibility for Gryphon community health, which is informed by the local and provincial health authorities and founded on mutual respect.

As we approach this new academic year, we know we need to operate differently than we did pre-pandemic. COVID-19 requires new habits and adjustments. As Gryphons we will adhere to our Gryphon commitments of being determined, caring, engaged, respectful and authentic as we take on this challenge.

As a Gryphon I pledge to:

Be Determined 

I am determined to follow the rules and regulations to reduce and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Be Caring 

I understand there will be those in my community whom I need to care for. Therefore, I will always commit to wearing a face-covering over my nose and mouth when I am on campus, and in the community. I will keep two meters apart from others whenever possible. I will also follow basic health precautions including frequent hand washing/sanitizing and shared-space hygiene.

Be Engaged 

I will strive to meet my daily commitment of participating in testing and contact tracing, isolation and quarantine protocols when required. I will also follow signs and guidance posted throughout campus spaces and buildings. I will encourage others to do the same and I will speak up when they do not.

Be Respectful 

I will monitor my health every day and stay home when I am sick or after possible exposure to COVID-19. I will be mindful that my actions in choosing not to do these things will have a strong negative impact on my community. I will respect and follow city and local health officials’ direction, including wearing face-covering and physical distancing practices.


Be Authentic 

I will stay true to myself and recognize that everyone is on different levels of comfort during COVID-19. I will not make assumptions or question the motivations of anyone based on their journey through COVID-19.

I take the Gryphon Pledge to Community Health seriously and will do my part.